FACEBOOK PAID ADS- $100 budget - Book Trailers for your books!

FACEBOOK PAID ADS- $100 budget

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FACEBOOK PAID ADS- We will run paid facebook ads for your book for 1 week ($100 budget)

We will use the $100 in your order to pay your facebook ads for the week. The $100 would be divided within the 7 days. Depending on how the ad is performing, some days may have a $5 budget where others might be $10, $20, but altogether for the week you would have spent $100 in total facebook ads.

We have the ability through our reader lists, and advanced software to find readers that will be interested in your book or genre, so that your book will show up in their facebook feeds.

We will monitor, and give daily reports on how many people (readers) clicked on your ad, viewed it, and interacted with it.

We do charge $40 over your budget to create your ad, run your ad, monitor your ad and make adjustments as needed.